2023 Tesla Model S And X Receive Much Needed Rear Screen Upgrade

2023 Tesla Model S And X Receive Much Needed Rear Screen Upgrade

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2023 Tesla Model S And X

Tesla is clearly upgrading the back screens found on Model S and Model X for the 2023 model year. The screen is an update to a previous version of Teslas touchscreen, which was used on Model 3 in 2014.

Tesla appears to be working on making the actual screen size on the backs of Model S and X larger, according to photos posted on the internet. Potential Improvements Reports indicate that the automaker is working on a visual refresh for Model 3.

Tesla has not yet formally announced any changes Tesla is making for Model 3 in 2023, but media outlets are reporting the new electric car is getting some upgrades. We do not know exactly when Tesla is going to make a decision to officially announce a long-needed update.

Fear not, because Tesla has heard the Tesla fans out there, and has decided to provide a much-needed update for both Model S and Model X in 2023. Originally set for a return of the original Tesla Roadster in 2021, this new model has yet to come to market, leading us to believe that it is being delayed. The original Tesla Roadster would have been a new addition to Teslas line-up when it finally went into production, resurrecting the nameplate worn by the companys first model way back in 2008.

Best deals for the 2020 Tesla Model 3 for April While it lacks some features from the 2021 vehicle, buying a used 2020 Model 3 will provide nearly everything you want in an electric car, without the lengthy wait time and high sticker price. If your Tesla is a model after March 2018, then you are eligible for a refresher, bringing in streaming services for watching your favorite shows, or a Tesla Arcade, allowing you to play video games…in your car…for just $2250.

Model S and Model X owners built March 2018 and earlier are eligible for an infotainment upgrade, allowing you to get some of our favorite features, such as video streaming and an expanded Tesla Arcade, as well as a more responsive, faster touchscreen experience.

Purchasing and installing the optional Radio Upgrade is available for vehicles that already received the Infotainment Upgrade. Tesla offers an optional Radio Upgrade, including the installation of a compatible radio tuner and antenna, which allows customers to keep access to Sirius XM radio FM and Sirius XM Radio.

The updated infotainment system is not compatible with the original radio tuner installed in the car. In fact, if the infotainment in the Model 3 sedan is any indication of what we are going to see on the original Tesla Roadster, buyers should not expect to find an AM radio or SiriusXM on that vehicle.

The infotainment screens on the back of the passenger side are not the only new upgrades coming in 2023 for Teslas Model X and S, but, as we mentioned, they are very welcome upgrades. The Model X shares a platform and certain components with Teslas flagship model, the Model S. As a result, it is no surprise the current Model X is getting new, standard safety features coming to the Model S, too. As is the case with other Tesla models, Tesla will produce the new Model X electrics in 2023 that do not have any Ultrasonic sensors.

Tesla is constantly changing its Model 3 line-up of features coming as standard and options depending on customer trends and software updates. While Teslas iterative system means that chances are that a Tesla car will be modified, adding features currently unheard of, at some point in 2023, these are the main software and hardware updates that we know Tesla is making this coming year.

This also gives us hope existing Tesla models may be eligible, potentially, for the long-needed upgrades as well. Upgrade, according to one member of the Tesla Owners Club, of an older screen.
Their new car limited warranty covers the battery packs and drivetrain components on all of Teslas new cars for eight years, with varying mileage depending on model.

Teslas battery pack and drivetrain limited warranty on the Teslas signature falcon-wing model X covers the battery pack and drivetrain for 8 years and 150,000 miles, depending on which the car hits first. Teslas warranty for Model 3 is called New Vehicle Limited Warranty, which includes their Base Vehicle Limited Warranty (4 years/50,000 miles), Limited Warranty for Safety Restraint Systems (5 years, 60,000 miles), and the Battery and Drive Unit Warranty (8 years/100,000 miles for Standard Range (basically, the RWD Model 3) or 8 years/120,000 miles for Long Range and Performance Model 3).

Teslas battery and drive unit limited warranty covers either 8 years – 100,000-150,000 miles depending on vehicle model, with battery capacity guaranteed to a minimum of 70% over the course of 8 years – or 100.

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The Series Production Vehicle offers seating for seven adults and their luggage across three rows of seats, as well as a front and rear trunk. You can order the Tesla Model X in five, six, or seven-seat form, but no matter which one you pick, those up-level doors at the back make getting into it fantastically simple for passengers in the back.

The Tesla Model S also comes with Base and Plaid trims, which, just like the Tesla Model X, offer the Tri-motor and Dual-motor AWD, respectively. Teslas mainline electric car models use two electric motors – one in front and one in back – to power all four wheels, so it makes sense that we would see the same configuration on the original Tesla Roadster.

A used Model 3 does indeed come with a few sweet perk, like a inspection checking the safety gear, steering, suspension, brakes, display functions, and the Autopilot system.

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