Chevy Crate Engine in the Copo Camaro is absolutely insane

As part of its 2023 COPO Camaro program, Chevrolet Performance added a 10.4L Z632 big-block V8 engine, which produces 1,004 horsepower at the crank. The COPO Camaro is now available with an all-powerful 10.4L engine, which the company is already offering as a Crate Motor. For the 2023 COPO Camaro, Chevy dropped the monstrous 10.35-liter under the hood, making it the most powerful offering from an American manufacturer.

Chevy Crate Engine
Chevy Crate Engine

The 2023 COPO Camaro is certainly a track-focused machine, with an engine that hits 93-octane, earth-shattering No. The 2022 COPO, rated at 572, could run a sub-9-second quarter-mile, so the monster 10.35-liter engine of the 2023 COPO Camaro is expected to better that. The 572-powered COPO Camaro can run the quarter mile in around eight seconds or so, which points to a mid-seven-second performance possibility with that crazy big-block Chevrolet with a 10.4-liter COPO engine.

We would not be surprised if Chevy sets a new record, considering that This insane 10.4L COPO-powering mammoth is much more powerful, and that Camaro is an excellent platform with a well-established history. The biggest, most powerful engine in Chevys history GM is sitting at the top of the brands stack of records as performance kings.

Two, this crazy-powerful 10.4L COPO-powered mammoth is easily the largest engine built in-house for the Crate the U.S. has ever seen. The 2023 COPO Camaros engine options include the naturally aspirated 7.0L 427 V-8 and the supercharged 5.7L 350 V-8, but this is not the reason for all of the hype surrounding the 2023 COPO Camaro. Chevrolet announced this week the first details and start of orders for their 2023 COPO Camaro, and one of the options on the Drag Special is the new Crate Engine.

If you would rather your COPO come with a smaller-block powerplant, Chevy has got you covered, too, with both the supercharged 350 and naturally aspirated 427 V-8, each injected port-fuel, coming in 2022. The naturally aspirated engine, which makes 1,004 horsepower, also replaced the ZZ572 V8 engine, which was exclusively found in 2022 COPO Camaro models.

The aluminum 427 ZL1 engine weighs approximately 100 pounds less than the 396 cubic inches of iron-based big-block offered in the Camaro, and produces more power to boot, making it a popular option at the drag strips.

Normally, Chevys special-order in-house system is used for fleet car services, like specialty paint jobs or truck hardware, but Fred Gibb, an Illinois dealership, used it to outfit a Camaro with an aluminum 427 ZL1 engine. We know his Camaro COPO used aluminum heads by Edelbrock Edelbrock, and the Holley Hi-Ram intake, which had a Aeromotive fuel system and 58-pound-per-hour injectors matching the ones in the spectacular 427. It makes perfect sense that we would see 2023 Chevy Camaro that has more than 1,000 hp on tap, and customers could purchase it.

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