Conor McGregor, a star in the UFC, wants to purchase Liverpool from FSG


Celebrity Net Worth pegs UFC champion Conor McGregor’s net worth at $200 million. The UFC superstar cannot buy Liverpool FC on his own because the club’s sale is anticipated to fetch upwards of $5 billion.

The Athletic revealed earlier this week that storied English Premier League club Fenway Sports Group was available for sale. For $343 million, the business paid for the English side in 2010.

However, given McGregor is a businessman who already has several companies under his belt, it is not out of the question that the Irishman might purchase the club by luring numerous investors to raise the enormous price.

This week, “The Notorious” expressed interest in purchasing the football team in a tweet, writing: “I’d adore it! Yes, I asked for information on this. When I first heard. What a change of direction! Such a club!”

In modern English football, Liverpool is one of the most powerful teams. In addition to six UEFA Champions League championships, the team has won the Premier League/Division One championship 19 times.

The Irishman named Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney in a flash when asked who his favourite player was in the year 2019. The football player, Kieran Tierney, is a young man.

The Notorious said when referring to him. Previously signed with Arsenal, he served as the captain of Celtic Football Club.

Over the years, he has been a steadfast supporter of mine and I am quite grateful. He is a superb football player who has risen to the top.

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