Does The 2022 Tesla Model 3 Have Apple Carplay?

Does The 2022 Tesla Model 3 Have Apple Carplay?

 2022 Tesla Model 3
2022 Tesla Model 3

2022 Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is frequently celebrated for its cutting-edge tech and contemporary features, but does not come with Apple CarPlay out of the box. Tesla owners have been asking for this for years, and Tesla has discussed at one point adopting Apple CarPlay, but the automaker has since decided to keep its customers within its software ecosystem.

That is a million-dollar question, though, and it seems like a common belief that Tesla just wants its proprietary software in its vehicles, not having to go through these two platforms to integrate phones.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are much more limited, and they do not feature as many features as Tesla, such as smart navigation, which adds charging stops automatically during longer trips.

While you may not be able to use Apple CarPlay on the Tesla Model 3, you will still get plenty of other features, such as navigation and other music apps. CarPlay in Teslas Now Available With This Workaround Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available now on every Tesla Model — sort of.

Created by developer Michal Gapinski, this workaround for getting CarPlay on Tesla cars has now been updated to 2022.25.1, which has tons of new features. Earlier this year, Polish developer Michal Gapinski released the alpha of an ingenious workaround allowing Teslas EVs to have Apple CarPlay running on the Teslas infotainment systems.

As noted in MacRumors, Polish developer Michal Gapinskis Teslas Apple CarPlay workaround uses a Rasberry Pi running a custom firmware built from Android, equipped with an LTE modem and Wi-Fi access point.

Currently, Tesla cars are not equipped with CarPlay, but earlier this year, 9to5Mac reported on an interesting project called Tesla Android with CarPlay. While not having Android Auto and Apple CarPlay may annoy some, Tesla may have a hit on their hands with this new kind of infotainment. Once it is possible to get Android Auto side-loaded on the Tesla, that means accessing both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay via the cars browser.

It is actually pretty simple for Tesla to add Apple Music, I am sure manufacturers have easy access to an API suite, and it would be an easy job to integrate CarPlay, or even its Android cousin Android Auto, on top of that, which looks fantastic on the centers display.

As it stands, the developer project by Michal Gapinski seems more likely to be the better solution to allow Tesla owners to enjoy CarPlay, instead of Tesla starting support for CarPlay in the near future.

Polish developer Michal Gapinski is unclear about what Tesla cars software updates expanded the project into, but it is apparent from the projects Twitter account that a few Model S and Model X owners successfully followed instructions from its website to make a smart hack work.

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