What makes Elon Musk so cruel to punishes a twitter engineer publicly?

Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter Inc., has resorted to firing company engineers who openly disagree with him on the social media platform.

Elon Musk

Musk has referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist.”In one instance, Musk tweeted the news of the firing. In another, the ex-employee said he was let go after publicly criticising Musk.

On Sunday, Musk’s tweet was reposted with a comment from engineer Eric Frohnhoefer, who worked on Twitter’s Android app, stating that Musk’s understanding of a technical aspect of the app was “wrong.”Frohnhoefer was prompted to elaborate by Musk, who then wrote, “On Android, Twitter loads very slowly. How did you resolve that?”

Frohnhoefer attempted to articulate his thoughts in a number of tweets, but one person questioned him as to why he hadn’t privately given his new boss his opinion.The more than eight-year engineer at Twitter retorted, “Perhaps he should ask questions privately. Maybe use Slack or email.”

Musk said that Frohnhoefer had been sacked in a post on Monday morning. When many employees were let go earlier this month, Frohnhoefer retweeted that post with a saluting emoji.Requests for comment on Frohnhoefer’s status from Twitter and other sources were not immediately fulfilled

Although it wasn’t common practise for Twitter employees to publicly criticise the company’s leadership in the past, many employees voiced their concerns or criticisms via email and internal Slack channels.

According to current and former employees, Musk’s changes have resulted in a breakdown in internal communication regarding who is in charge and what the company’s priorities are.

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