What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Falcon Wing Doors On A Tesla Model X?

Passengers that might have trouble getting in and out of an ordinary SUV will also find Falcon Wing doors to be a highly usable feature, since the clearance provided by the Falcon Wing doors allows them to enter and exit Tesla Model Xs with comparatively little hassle.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Another benefit to having the Tesla Model X with the Falcon doors from Tesla is that the doors effectively improve your Teslas resale value. Yes, that is right, having the falcon doors, or any other feature, which is a bit of a rarity, increases your cars resale value.

If your Tesla is out of warranty, and you do end up having a Tesla falcon doors issue on your Model X, then you can expect to pay quite a bit of money to have the issue addressed by an approved Tesla repair facility.

If equipped with the Premium Upgrade Package, and you turn the Auto Door setting on, as you approach the Model X carrying the key card, doors will unlock automatically, with a partial opening of the drivers side doors.

Drivers Door Unlock mode (see Drivers Door Unlock mode) must be turned off, and Model X must detect a key fob next to the drivers door before opening the rear trunk. Model X has sensors around the drivers door which can recognize the presence of a key fob at about a distance of three feet (1 metre).

Perhaps even more concerning is that, in the Tesla Model Xs case, its rear doors, which are known as Falcon Wings, apparently can be opened from within only if there is total loss of power to the car.

After a collision and fire, a couple allegedly attempted to open their rear doors in order to get out of Tesla Model Xs, but were unable; doors cannot open normally in a power-loss situation.

Some owners had already reported that the Falcon Wing doors, a proprietary feature of Tesla, could be helpful for protecting owners from the rain while loading or unloading anything, or for keeping children out of second-row seats, but this seems to also have utility in a cold weather environment.

Unlike classic fixed-wing doors, Teslas Falcon doors are almost like two-piece doors, offering more versatility and the ability to open them up into extremely narrow spaces. Falcon-style doors also feature embedded radar sensors to make sure that they are not hitting anything (or anyone) when opening and closing.

Tesla Model X

Maybe not – even Elon Musk seems to have sometimes second-guessed his supposed Falcon-wing-style rear doors, suggesting that Teslas Model X went a bit heavy-handed with the flashy features while developing the Model Ss successor for the high-riding masses.

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