Brazil waits to realise the dream of the FIFA World Cup 2022

Tite, the FIFA broad-shouldered, barrel-chested, and limb-loose Brazilian coach, was being questioned about his legacy.He will be in charge of bringing home the country’s sixth FIFA World Cup victory, their first in 20 years.


Tite is accused of eschewing the very soul that makes Brazilian football, well, Brazilian and instead being workmanlike and pragmatic.He knows what the 20 years and those four years in charge entail, so it’s not like he doesn’t know.

Tite knows what is more quantifiable in the eternal Brazilian pursuit of beauty, which combines that delicate balance of outcome and romance.An honour with a result outweighs a recognition without one in a world where numbers are worshipped.In the paradoxes that Brazilian football inherently brings with it, he was drawing the line while simultaneously admonishing us to keep dreaming.

“Dreaming is a natural aspect of existence. We are a dreaming people. We hope to be the winners, but in the event that we aren’t, we’ll do everything in our power to succeed. After all, there can only be one winner

It’s good to dream, he continued, almost as if making a mental note to himself.Because they were drawn in the bottom part of the draw, the Brazilians were the latest to arrive in Qatar.It provided the team with a little bit more time alone, longer than most other teams at their Turin training camp. At a FIFA World Cup like this one, where national squads have hardly had any time to assemble and plan, this is a crucial advantage and luxury.

Brazil’s bare, lean midfield, which is comprised of Paqueta and Casemiro, used to be the envy of the world at previous FIFA World Cups.Perhaps the lack of players in their main area of operation is what led Tite to choose an entire team of forwards. Even so, Richarlison is chosen over Gabriel Jesus, favouring efficiency over flair.

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