Following the guilty verdict, Elizabeth Holmes requests only 18 months in prison

According to reports, Elizabeth Holmes has requested 18 months of house arrest in order to avoid going to jail for her Theranos fraud convictions.

As she awaits sentencing next week, convicted Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes reportedly made an appeal for “leniency” in the form of an 18-month house confinement.

More than 130 letters from Holmes’ friends, family, Theranos investors, and former employees, who lawyers claimed showed “the real Elizabeth Holmes,” were included in an 82-page filing.It seen by The Associated Press and Bloomberg, which reportedly reveals that she requested a lenient sentence under house arrest.

After being stigmatised by extensive media coverage that made her into a “caricature to be mocked and vilified.

Holmes’ attorneys told US District Judge Edward Davila that sending her to prison was unnecessary, according to The AP. Holmes was found guilty of multiple counts of fraud in January.

When Holmes’ sentencing trial starts on November 18, the prosecution is anticipated to seek a substantially harsher punishment for her, who faces up to 20 years in jail on each of the four counts for which she was found guilty.

After her conviction, Holmes asked for a retrial three times but was rejected each time.Holmes gained notoriety after leaving Stanford at the age of 19 to found the blood monitoring health tech company, which had once been valued at $9 billion.

Theranos collapsed after the FDA started looking into claims of “major inaccuracies” in the business’ testing.which were supported by a 2015 article by Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou outlining the company’s issues with the technology.

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