Ford F-150 Lightning: How Much You’ll Pay Following the Most Recent Price Increase

DETROIT — Ford Motor has again raised the starting price for its battery-electric Ford F-150 Lightning. The company is citing higher costs of materials for the pickup.

Ford F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning

Ford announced its second price hike in two months on the F-150 Lightning Pro trim, its lowest-priced offering The second-lowest-priced model offered by Ford is the F-150 Lightning Pro trim.

Ford Motor originally caused waves when it announced that its F-150 Lightning Electric would start at around $40,000, making it more affordable than many EVs on the market. The bump to F-150 Lightnings base price comes as Ford is expected to significantly ramp up its production of the EV pickup in the coming year. Citing substantial increases in materials costs and other factors, Ford (F) has increased F-150 Lightning pricing for various trim levels offered.

Citing substantial material cost increases and other factors, Ford Motor Co. said in a press release that it will raise manufacturer-suggested retail prices for the Lighting starting this round. Ford stressed that increases would not affect existing order holders who are waiting for deliveries. The Star marks a $5,000 price hike from existing pricing, the result of yet another August price hike.

In October, Ford announced that it was raising prices by $5,000 on the base trim, which brought prices up to $51,974. For reference, the Pro Work Truck originally started at $39,974 when it launched way back in April, but later price increases took it up to $46,974 in August, and $51,974 in October. That is because today, Ford announced an increase for its full lineup of 2023 EV pickup trucks, with prices rising from $6,000 to $8,500, depending on trim level.

The price of Fords Lightning-equipped F-150 is rising between $ 6,000 and $8500, Ford said today, in an announcement that orders will reopen for the popular electric pickup truck this week. For the first time since the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning was revealed in May 2021, the sticker price is jumping between $ 6,000 and $8500, Ford confirmed on Tuesday. While its EV pickup truck is unlikely to qualify as affordable at the current price, it does offer some attractive features.

While not many electric trucks are currently available, users do have some options. Prices are unchanged for Lightning Pro and XLT models equipped with a 131-kwh extended-range package, and for the Lariat and Platinum trim levels, but Ford had already raised prices for some of those options earlier this model year. It is not all bad news for buyers of the Ford(F) F-150 Lightning, though, because starting this fall, Ford says that those models equipped with the standard-range battery pack will see their EPA-estimated range increase by 10 miles, to 240 miles.

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