Guidelines For Increasing The Range Of The Ford F-150 Lightning In Cold Weather

Ford releases tips to maximize range on F-150 Lightning during the winter The Ford released tips to maximize range on F-150 Lightning during the winter. The F-150 Lightning, in its first winter.

Ford F-150 Lightning
Ford F-150 Lightning

With winter now here, Ford has released some tips to help Lightning drivers maximize the range in cold weather. The F-150 Lightning, during the winter. These few tips may help you make the most out of the Fords first all-electric pickup truck this winter, and they may do no harm for other EVs.

In a nutshell, Fords recommend parking an Ford F-150 Lightning in the garage overnight to avoid freezing conditions; keeping the truck connected overnight in freezing conditions to help keep its batteries warm; and, rather than using the HVAC to heat up the truck, they recommend using the steering wheel and heated seats to save range.

Keep theF-150 Lightning plugged in while it is parked. Fords advise is to use heated seats and steering wheel, which are the most direct means to heat, as well as considering cutting/turning off the heaters in the quick charging stations. Ford recommends owners use the heated seats and steering wheel instead to provide the main heating, in order to lower power usage.

If you are truly concerned about range, however, you may not want to get hotter than the battery, since Ford advises using the heatsiest amount while charging, in order to make sure that you are not depleting your battery before you take the road. Ford also recommends keeping the tires inflated correctly for maximum efficiency, and, lastly, driving moderately, as the quicker you drive, the more power is required from the car.

The last three tips involve Ford telling owners to clear any snow off of their vehicles before driving, since this adds weight and drag; to avoid driving fast when the weather is cold, as higher speeds consume more energy; and to ensure that all tires are inflated properly.

The other three tips are more generic — such as removing snow to reduce weight and drag, driving slower, and keeping the tires at the recommended pressure. If you are driving a stock, internal-combustion-powered (ICE) car, outside temperatures are less of an issue if the battery that your car uses for starting is relatively new. The pre-conditioning system helps the Ford F-150 Lightning reach ideal temperatures before your ride, using electrical energy from a charging station rather than from your battery.

If you are planning on taking a longer trip, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pickups pre-conditioning uses your commute times to heat its batteries when you connect it using either the FordPass app or the trucks center screen. Ford notes theF-150 Lightning has been tested in extreme cold conditions, including months of real-world winter driving in Alaska and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and atmospheric testing chambers (temperatures ranging from -40degF/-40degC to 140degF/60degC). With the F-150, Fords presented eight ways to make the trucks load better during winter.

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