Is Ford F 150 Lightning Better Than Chevy Silverado EVs?

Ford F 150 Lightning is Better Than Chevy Silverado EVs or not, lets find out-

Chevys Silverado
Chevys Silverado

F 150 Lightning vs Chevy Silverado

Chevys Silverado is targeting a 400-mile range with the available 200-kWh Ultium battery pack, and Ford says that the Ford F-150 Lightning will deliver a 300-mile range with the 131.0-kWh extended-range battery and 230 miles with the 98.0-kWh standard-range pack.

Chevys Silverado Electric is only slightly better off than 2022s Hummer Electric, since its lithium-ion battery pack is expected to offer an estimated 400 miles of range with both RST First Edition and WT variants when it launches.

The 2024 Silverado EV uses a new battery technology, Ultium, which will give it up to 640 kilometers (400 miles) of EV range in the highest RST First Edition trim.

Ford F 150 Lightning
Ford F 150 Lightning

The Chevy Silverado EVs battery will be capable of charging up to 350kW, which Chevy says adds 100 miles of range in 10 minutes. GMC has also said that 2022s Hummer EV is capable of charging with a 350-kw DC quick charger, which could put around 100 miles of range in the battery in 10 minutes.

While the F-150, with its internal combustion engine, supports up to 150kW charging, Chevy says that the 2024 Silverado EV will have up to 350kW quick charging.

Is Ford F-150 Lightning Better Than Rivian R1T ?

The first-generation Silverado EV is capable of charging at 350 kW fast thanks to an 800-volt architecture, whereas the more capable Lightning only handles speeds up to 150 kW. While lower-power versions, single-motor variants, and different battery capacities will be available on both the 2024 Silverado EV and the F-150 Lightning.

Chevys Silverado
Chevys Silverado

The Silverado EV will come in two configurations, similar to the standard and extended-range models for Fords all-electric trucks, which both run on all-wheel drive.

Chevy announced its electric truck would be capable of a range of 400 miles, which is considerably longer than that of the Ford F-150 Lightning. Where the F-150 Lightning looks like a truck powered by gasoline, Chevys 2024 EV Silverado shares little in common with its ICE models.

The Lightning does offer a similar frunk as Chevys Silverado EV, but cannot quite match the truck-bed utility offered by Chevrolets ICE-powered pickup.

The interior of the Fords fully electric truck is 14.1 cubic feet, and although official measurements of the Silverado EV are still unavailable, it is going to be tough competing with the capacious offerings from Ford.

Ford F 150 Lightning
Ford F 150 Lightning

With standard four-wheel drive and steel suspension, the Silverado EV work truck will be capable of pulling up to 8,000 pounds, and carrying up to 1,200 pounds. Its electric trucks will come equipped with the onboard generators for 10.2kW of PowerBase charging.

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