How Does The Tesla Semi’S Range Compare To Other Electric Trucks?

How Does The Tesla Semi’S Range Compare To Other Electric Trucks?

How Does The Tesla Semi'S Range Compare To Other Electric Trucks?
Tesla Semi

With its maximum range between 300 and 500 miles per charge, Teslas Semi truck is capable of traveling farther than rival EV trucks on the market. Tesla says that the Semi will be able to drive highway speeds while carrying full cargo throughout the duration of its range.

As far as going uphill with full load, the diesel trucks of today get to 45 miles per hour on a 5 percent grade; its Semi will hit 65 miles per hour on that same grade.

Tesla says that the power use of its semi-electric trucks is less than 2kW/mile, which is equivalent to about eight Model 3s using average energy. Tesla has not released an official pack size for the Semi, but at 500 miles range at under 2kWh per mile energy consumption, it may be close to 1000kWh.

In its 2020 impact report, Tesla also said that Tesla is working on developing a Megacharger network of truck stops around the U.S. and the European Union, where the Semi could recharge its battery.

Tesla says Tesla plans to ramp up production of electric Class 8 tractors, producing 50,000 trucks by 2024, and it will be using 50 in its supply chain for automotive parts deliveries.

When Tesla first unveiled its electric Class 8 tractor to the world in November 2017, Elon Musk said that production would start in 2019, and that trucks could follow one another in an autonomous convoy. He added that Tesla had successfully completed the 500-mile range test of its electric Class 8 tractor between Fremont and San Diego, California, on Nov. 15.

CEO Elon Musks stated hope is the company will manufacture an all-electric truck in 2023, as well as the second-generation Roadster. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said the Tesla Semi would be worth up to $20 per mile (12 US cents per km) cheaper to run than a diesel truck when charged at the megacharger, which Tesla would warrant to cost seven US cents per kilowatt-hour (in the US). Tesla said that The Semi will start at $150,000, though it is not clear whether $150 includes battery costs or charging infrastructure.

The price for buying an electric Semi is still higher than buying a conventional diesel semi: anywhere between 10% and 80% higher than comparable diesel trucks, prior to discounts, which would put Teslas $150,000 base short-haul Single Cab up against rivals $275,000-plus top-specd OTR Sleepers, which have more than 500 miles range.

A semi truck might have excellent range, up-to-date tech, and a nifty appearance, but none of it matters, according to ATAs Spear, if drivers struggle to find charging locations. With multiple electric motors providing max torque, Teslas semi trucks acceleration (0-60mph in 20 seconds) is perfect for moving heavy loads over steep terrain.

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