Increases Model Y production to 3,000 units per week at the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas

Tesla Releases Model Y Production Information The Chirpingsaid Tesla has announced that it has reached the production milestone for Model Y. The company said that it has reached the production milestone for the Model Y, which is 3,000 units/week.

 Model Y production

Model Y production

Tesla announced its Texas Gigafactory is now producing 3k Model Y units/week, thanks to significant ramp-up of Model Y production. Tesla announced the output at its Austin-based Giga Texas factory has increased to 3,000 Model Ys per week.

Elon Musk said earlier this month that the Tesla Giga Berlin facility can now manufacture 1,000 Model Y units per week. Giga Texas ramps up; now producing the long-range Model Y Tesla has reportedly ramped up production at its Texas Gigafactory to thousands of units a week, adding a long-range Model Y on top of its standard-range versions.

While Gigafactory Shanghai is clearly targeting a staggering 3,000 vehicles a day when it finishes modifying the plant, Teslas Berlin Giga is also targeting a manufacturing run starting in October 2022.

German publication Automobilwoche has previously reported Tesla hopes to ramp production to about 1,000 units a week by January, with the fourth Tesla Gigafactory potentially contributing a maximum of 30,000 vehicles during the first half of 2022. CNBC reported earlier this month that Tesla was given preliminary approval to start commercial production at the plant, which allows Teslas up to 500,000 vehicles a year at the facility.

After starting production at Gigafactory Berlin in March, Tesla was looking to reach production speeds of 1,000 units a week by late April, but we learned Tesla had trouble producing more than 350 units at around this point.

Meanwhile, we can expect Model 3 production at Fremont to stabilize, with any past stumbles being smoothed out and there being a solid production rate around 7,000 units per week. The report goes on to explain that Tesla will be ramping up production through the year, and that it anticipates that Tesla will be shipping around 523,000 total vehicles in 2021 2021 just from Gigafactory Shanghai, of which about 100,000 are expected for export.

Adding the Fremont factorys capacity, and a potential production launch at Grunheide Berlin and Austin, Texas, one could extrapolate Tesla to manufacture around 800,000-900,000 vehicles globally for 2021 alone, a jump of at least 60%. Model Y productionis quite substantial, but note that Model Ys installed production capacity for the year in Texas is more than 250,000 (or about 5,000 a week).

Model Y production

The report also mentioned this Tesla Tesla will keep selling more electric cars, even as they lose a bit of market share, and increased Model Y production is a sign of this. The company has certainly learned much from Model 3s production hell, and can expect to lean into that knowledge for the much smoother ramp of the Model Y, which shares many components with Model 3, while boasting simpler wiring architecture as well.

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