NFL: Is Football logic not on Dallas Cowboys’ side

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are really in a better position to win the NFC East right now than they were three days ago. That is solely mathematical in nature. From a football perspective, well, we’ll get to that conversation in a moment.

Coach Mike McCarthy of the Cowboys deserves praise for one thing. I questioned him late on Sunday about the impact his team’s setback in Green Bay had on a club trying to catch an unbeaten team, and he laughed. spoken in no way. claimed that there was still plenty of football left—nearly half the season.

The Philadelphia Eagles were knocked off their perch of unbeatenness by the Washington Commanders around 28 hours later, and the division’s entire structure was changed.

Yes, as they were going into the weekend, the Cowboys still behind the Eagles by two games. That’s not good, especially when the schedule is still one week away. The Eagles fell to their division rivals on Monday night, while Dallas lost to opponents from the NFC North and South.

This implies that if Dallas overtakes the Eagles and does not lose to New York on Thanksgiving Day or at Washington in the last regular-season game, Dallas will have the tiebreaker.

And until now, that wasn’t accurate. Dallas could have equaled Philadelphia and still lost the division, forcing them to play in the wild-card round, if they had continued to win and the Eagles had fallen to, say, Tennessee.

Naturally, the Eagles suffered their first turnover loss of the season despite having won that battle for eight straight weeks, which set them apart from other teams. Or, I should say, the third team in more than 80 years to start its first eight games with a turnover advantage.

That is to say, it wouldn’t last. Regardless of how cautious Jalen Hurts is, the balls will eventually occasionally bounce the other way. On top of that, officials failed to make a clear facemask call when tight end Dallas Goedert fumbled a crucial pass on Monday.

The Eagles have been nearly as awful as the Cowboys all season in terms of run defense. Philadelphia is ranked 20th in yards per game and 23rd in yards per carry allowed. Dallas is 28th and 29th, which is a very serious problem that defensive coordinator Dan Quinn believed is simple to fix on Monday. If true, one may question why the team didn’t address it earlier rather than in mid-November.

The Cowboys’ record versus the top 10 rushers hasn’t been good, and they’ll later face Derrick Henry of Tennessee (ranked second) and Miles Sanders of the Eagles (ranked 10th). Chicago quarterback Justin Fields (sixth) rushed for 60 yards and a touchdown versus Dallas in the previous two games, and Aaron Jones (seventh) of Green Bay gained 138. Against Dallas, the Bears and Packers both racked up more over 200 yards on the ground.

The truth is that the Cowboys are currently third in the NFC East, behind the Commanders at the bottom rather than the Eagles at the top.

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