NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: who are in top 10, who is topper, their performance

NFL Power Rankings, Week 14: who are in top 10, who is topper, their performance:

NFL Power Rankings
NFL Power Rankings

NFL Power Rankings, Week 14

Week 13 was filled with lots of fireworks, which primed the Week 14 NFL Power Rankings for a number of shifts. Thursday night’s victory by the Buffalo Bills, along with victories by the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and Cincinnati Bengals, helped the week get underway.

On Sunday Night Football, the San Francisco 49ers not only lost badly due to Jimmy Garoppolo’s loss but also suffered a huge victory for the Dallas Cowboys. The week was then concluded by an incredible comeback victory by Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the New Orleans Saints.

The Los Angeles Chargers, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, and Kansas City Chiefs all finished on the wrong side of the ledger. Every week becomes increasingly significant as the NFL regular season comes to an end.

Observe the teams in the Week 14 NFL Power Rankings right now-

1.Philadelphia Eagles (no change)

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Tennessee Titans one again this week, this time with ease. The Eagles once again demonstrated why they are unquestionably the best team in the NFL right now by allowing A.J. Brown to get revenge on his previous team with two touchdowns.

2. Buffalo Bills (+1)

Buffalo Bills

The Bills’ TNF triumph over the New England Patriots assisted in giving them their first divisional victory of the season, which was crucial for a group that is currently atop the AFC. The Bills appear to be as as dangerous as ever with Josh Allen appearing to have largely recovered from his earlier arm/elbow injury.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (-1)

Kansas City Chiefs

These Week 14 NFL Power Rankings shouldn’t truly condemn the Chiefs for their valiant loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, but it appears that they still have some issues to fix before the playoffs. In Mahomes’ career, the Bengals are the only team to have three victories over him, and they may yet play the Bengals this year.

4. Dallas Cowboys (No change)

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys

In a convincing, straightforward victory against the Colts on Sunday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys celebrated a touchdown with the red kettle from the Salvation Army for the second straight game. The defence scored a touchdown and hounded Matt Ryan all night while the offence was operating at full strength.

5. Minnesota Vikings (+1)

The Vikings will be crowned the NFC North divisional champions this season if they defeat the Detroit Lions in Week 14 after defeating the Jets in Week 13 of the regular season. It would be spectacular to secure the playoffs this early, solidifying Kevin O’Connell’s position in the Coach of the Year campaign.

6. Cincinnati Bengals (+1)

The Bengals got the boost they needed with an outstanding victory over the Chiefs at home, and their route to winning the AFC North and securing a top-two AFC seed is becoming increasingly obvious.

7. San Franciso 49ers (+1)

The San Francisco 49ers paid a price for a crucial win against the Dolphins, as they will now have to use Brock Purdy as their primary quarterback going forward. This club will need to rely on its rushing and defensive prowess if they want to make a deep run given that Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot and will be sidelined for the remainder of the season.

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8. Miami Dolphins (-3)

QB Tua Tagovailoa’s ankle injury late in the loss gave the Dolphins a scare of their own. Although Mike McDaniel’s postgame remarks gave the impression that there are no significant worries, a defeat by a team that is capable of making the playoffs can teach him more about what needs to be done.

9. Seattle Seahawks (+4)

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Rams despite struggling to mount a reliable offensive attack; Geno Smith played the entire game despite being ill. Seattle’s eighth victory, which kept them in the running for the NFC West title and propelled them back into the top 10 of the Week 14 NFL Power Rankings, was made possible by a strong 367-yard, 3-TD performance from Smith.

10. New York Jets (-1)

Given that his 369-yard performance nearly led the Jets to a road victory, Mike White does not seem like the kind of backup quarterback who will be handing the position back to the starter anytime soon. As long as White maintains his stellar play as the team’s starter, they still stand a good chance of making the playoffs.

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