Poland Explosion: Western leaders on high alert after explosion in Poland kills 2

Poland Explosion

As world leaders scrambled for information about an incident that could prove to be one of the most significant in Russia’s nine-month war on Ukraine, President Joe Biden said it was likely not fired from Russia in response to the deadly missile strike on Poland’s territory on Tuesday.

Poland Explosion:

Biden assured reporters that “we are going to figure out exactly what happened” following an emergency discussion with other G-7 and NATO leaders in Bali, Indonesia, ahead of the G-20 conference.

According to “preliminary information,” it is “unlikely” that the missile, which fell near Poland’s border with Ukraine, was launched from Russia, he continued. At least two people were killed in the attack.A spokesperson for NATO announced that Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general, will preside over an urgent gathering of alliance ambassadors on Wednesday in Brussels to discuss the incident.

According to a statement, the Polish foreign ministry said earlier on Tuesday that it had confirmed the missile was made in Russia and that it had summoned the Russian ambassador “with a demand for an immediate detailed explanation.”

Western leaders:

Russia’s Foreign Ministry denied the claim, tweeting “Russian hardware has launched NO strikes at the area.” Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed that “Russian missiles hit Poland,” calling it an “attack on collective security” and a “very significant escalation.”Pro-Russian bots helped spread rumours on social media that the missile that crashed in Poland was a Ukrainian air defence missile used to counter Russian weaponry.

However, Dmytro Kuleba, the foreign minister of Ukraine, denounced that accusation in a tweet as a “conspiracy theory.”

the Biden administration requested $37.7 billion for Ukraine, $21.7 billion of which would be used to arm Kyiv and replenish American stockpiles following an eight-month shipment of weapons and equipment to Ukraine.The White House will receive an additional $7 billion so that it can quickly send weapons and ammunition to Ukraine from its current stocks.

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