Why Is The Porsche Taycan So Much More Expensive Than A Tesla?

If price is not an object, Wead be driving Porsches, but in the real world, the price of a Tesla Model S is difficult to beat, given its speed, range, and features. With the 4S introduced, along with the new entry-level models, the Porsche Taycan starts much lower; at a little more than PS70,000, the non-referenced, rear-wheel-drive version is almost half as expensive as Teslas Model S.

Porsche Taycan So Much More Expensive Than A Tesla

Tesla vs Porsche Taycan

Its high price tag might not seem so crazy considering that a gasoline-powered Porsche Panamera Turbo starts at $154,350, but that makes the Porsche Taycan considerably more expensive than its main competitor, the Tesla Model S.

The Tesla has benefitted from a number of recent price cuts, with its Performance trim offering 345 miles of range and claimed a zero-to-60-mph time of 2.4 seconds, and it now starts at $101,190.

Its steep price may not sound too crazy considering that the gas-powered Porsche Panamera Turbo starts at $ 154,350, but it makes Porsche Taycan significantly more expensive than its chief rival, the Tesla Model S.

The Tesla has benefited from numerous price cuts as of late and its Performance trim, which offers 345 miles of range and a claimed zero-to-60-mph time of 2.4 seconds, now starts at $ 101,190.

The 2021 Tesla Model S long-range starts at about $80,000; a new variant, whose plaid color is yet to come, is about $120,000. As we have just mentioned, the Tesla Model S Plaid costs almost $140,000, and in the face of the $154,750 Porsche Taycan Turbos price, the additional $15,000 is well worth the money, there is no question.

Set up the Tesla Model S in Ludicrous+ mode, and it is almost another 400Nm over the Model Ss already-generous torque number of 989Nm. In testing, it seems that the Model S has the necessary juice to shame the Taycan Turbo straight-line, regardless of whether it is waiting on Ludicrous+ mode, along with its corresponding Maximum Battery Power, in order to reach optimal temperatures.

The Porsche Taycan, though, only manages 227 miles per charge, but with the proper tools in play, the Taycan manages the 5%-to-80% recharge time of only 23 minutes, which is what its primary competitor claims, while its higher-end Model S manages that in 40 minutes.

For the time being, given the information outlined above, it seems that Model S and its first-ever fully-electric car are entirely in range of each other, although the Taycan Turbo S has proven the more powerful, albeit only for a short time.

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