Reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo awkwardness to meet with Bruno Fernandes?


The action in the mega event, the FIFA World Cup, will begin again on Sunday. After putting an end to club football in the middle of the season, the teams have begun to arrive in Qatar.Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal has, however, captured all the attention after giving British journalist Piers Morgan an explosive interview.

In the interview, Ronaldo attacked Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, and he also spoke candidly about how he has been treated recently.As Ronaldo walked past Fernandes to set his bag down, he gave him an arm. Fernandes is then seen entering the changing room.

After that, Ronaldo extends his hand for a handshake. After first hesitating, Fernandes greeted Ronaldo. Following a conversation between the two, Fernandes promptly turned to meet his teammates.

Ronaldo expressed his displeasure with Manchester United’s Glazer Family owners, claiming they do not care about the team’s athletic success.It is significant to note that only snippets of the explosive interview are currently available on social media; the full interview has not even aired.

The owners of the club, listen, the Glazers, they don’t care about the club – I mean professional sport,” Ronaldo said”As you know Manchester (United) is a marketing club, they will get its money from the marketing. The sports, they don’t really care in my opinion,” he added further

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