Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150 Lightning: Full Specs Camparsion

Tesla Cybertruck Vs Ford F150 Lightning: Full Specs Camparsion

Cybertruck Vs Ford F150
Cybertruck Vs Ford F150

This comparison will examine the price, availability, and specifications for both the Tesla and Ford models of the electric pickup. The F-150 Lightning and the Tesla Cybertruck are the two strongest, best capable trucks available today, but the Fords are quite different from each other when it comes to their designs, price, performance, features, and capabilities.

Since they are both very capable, it is understandable you want to have a comparison between the Cybertruck vs. the F150 Lightning to help you decide which electric truck is better for you.

It is pretty obvious the Tesla Cybertruck is the clear winner, although this could be easily explained by not having the tri-motor Ford F-150 Lightning to compare it with. According to that same story here on Torque News, this manufacturing appears to only be for the single-motor Tesla Cybertruck, which accounts for the fewest reservations, and will be less than double the dual-motor production of the next Ford F-150 Lightning.

Of course, the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning is not the only upcoming electric truck on the market, the Tesla Cybertruck is also already on its way, and then there is also the Rivian R1T.

While there is bound to be some stiff competition between these two electric trucks, the Tesla Cybertruck of 2023 does actually have one major advantage over the Ford F-150 Lightning from 2022: passenger range. Ford sold 4,500 units of its F-150 Lightning EV pickup in April, and its CEO cannot help gloating that it launched well before the Cybertruck in mid-2023.

The ultra-powerful one boasts absurd range and acceleration specs (500 miles, 2.9-second zero-to-60 times) that dwarf everything Ford offers in an electric F-150, and the supercharged one offers creature comforts that are unavailable in the scarce, rugged Cybertruck.

The base trim has a single motor driving a rear axle, offering a range of 250 miles and acceleration from zero to 60 miles per hour of 6.5 seconds. The extended-range Ford model is equal to the top-line Cybertruck, and has a claimed 10,000-pound towing capability. The Tesla Cybertruck from 2022 offers 3,500 pounds of towing capability, whereas the standard-range Lightning offers a claimed towing capability of 2,000 pounds, while the extended-range model is estimated at 1800 pounds.

More budget-conscious drivers might opt for the Lightning. Tow is quite similar to Cybertrucks early days, but because the Lightning does not have three engines, it is not entirely fair to compare either EV to Teslas highest-end models. The Ford F-150 Lightning will originally have four trim levels, with a base utility truck called Lightning Pro, mid-range XLT trim, and two higher-end luxury models, in the Lariat and Platinum.

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