Why Did Tesla Call Its Low Volume Mode “Joe Mode”?

Teslas new Joe mode is a new feature allowing drivers to reduce the volume of warnings and commands when a Tesla electric car (EV) is driving. Some Tesla experts have said the addition of Joe Mode is likely to be a welcomed feature for parents, particularly those who frequently travel with their small children or infant parents.


With the new Joe mode by Tesla now available on all Teslas, Musk revealed Joe Mode is probably one of the best additions to Musks electric vehicle fleet.

Tesla Joe Mode

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at a revamp to the companys Joe Mode feature, which will make the companys Joe Mode feature much more configurable to EV owners. The reason why Joe Mode is called Joe Mode is because an Tesla owner named Joe contacts his or her Tesla complaining of a noise in the system and wants to get it fixed.

Joe Mode is a feature created to lower the noise from the non-critical in-car chime, particularly to passengers in the back seats, who may find the volume of the standard chime distracting.

Joe Mode is a setting on the audio system of your Tesla that allows the volume of chime sounds for alerts and notifications to be reduced by 50%, with less interference to your passengers.

Joe mode is the alerts that alert the driver when needed, but keeps alerts for rear passengers to a minimum, so they are not distracted, or perhaps waken, while you are driving.

With Joe mode, you can lower the volume of Teslas alert sounds by 50%, making them less likely to wake up kids, so your kids can (hopefully) stay asleep in the car.

This new mode will be a quieter, subtler version of Teslas Joe mode, which cuts down on the volume of in-car alarms in half, in order to avoid waking children that are sleeping in the backseat.

In 2019, Tesla introduced Joe Mode, a volume setting to help make sure sleepy passengers in the rear seats are not disturbed by in-vehicle chimes and alarms. Named for a certain Joeaseriouslya on the Internet, who thought up Joe Mode, Teslaas Joe Mode is a setting that lowers the volume of the safety chime of your Teslaas in the rear-seat area.

Joe Mode comes on the Model S, 3, X, and Y. Teslas, like other EVs, must be charged, and the plug-in port for charging stations is located behind the taillights. With Joe Mode, you just hit the “hungry” button on the navigation menu, and the Teslas direct you to a recommended food spot.


Joe Mode is a convenient feature that is available with the v10 software update from Tesla – one parents with young children are sure to enjoy.

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