Tesla semi trucks : Tesla Appears To Be Preparing Canada For Its Electric Semi

Now that the first electric Tesla semi trucks are rolling onto the roads across North America, seems like a good time to begin getting ready for Canada to follow suit. After starting deliveries across North America, Teslas semi-truck electric vehicles (EVs) are likely getting ready to take over Canadian highways. Tesla, an electric vehicle maker, unveiled the slick electric Semi Truck, featuring semi-autonomous capabilities, and the new Roadster on Thursday night at a gaudy, livestreamed event from its design studio in Hawthorne, Calif.

Tesla semi trucks

Tesla Inc. delivered the first of its electric semi trucks, marking a major milestone for the automaker more than five years after unveiling the vehicles. Five years after its announcement, Tesla has opened reservations for its fully electric Semi truck, which is scheduled for production in 2023. Tesla made its first deliveries of Semi trucks to customers Thursday night, five years after the heavy-duty truck was first unveiled.

Tesla marked commercial delivery of its very first Semi electric truck, five years after the massive electric vehicle was first unveiled by Elon Musk as the future of zero-emissions heavy-duty transportation. Tesla delivered its first Semi electric trucks on Thursday to PepsiCo, more than three years after Elon Musk said he would begin building the trucks.

At a November 2017 event unveiling the Tesla Semi, Musk said that production would start in 2019, and that his first EV semis could follow one another in a self-driving convoy. Because his Semi trucks have no multi-gear transmissions like diesel trucks, they are also far easier to drive than other semi trucks, said Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The semi truck is obviously a big departure from the core of the electric automakers Tesla Consumer-focused cars, such as Model S and Model X, that are premium, daily-drive EVs competing against luxury cars.

Electrifying the trucking market has proven to be even more of a challenge than electrifying light trucks and cars, but Tesla, and its first battery-powered semi truck, may have the chops to do it. PepsiCo preordered 100 Tesla heavy-duty Class 8 semi trucks in 2017, and it plans to deploy 15 electric trucks at PepsiCos beverage factories in Sacramento and at a Frito-Lay facility in Modesto, Calif., later this year. UPS, Walmart Canada, and Sysco also placed reservations for its first battery-powered semitrucks when they were first announced as early as 2017, according to Reuters.

Tesla said that every company ordering the EV truck must receive the necessary support to ensure they are able to set up charging stations prior to delivery of the trucks. For Dependable, it is critical Tesla gets Canada on board with not just the idea of an electric semi-truck, but also with the charging infrastructure needed. Whether companies in Canada get their hands on the Tesla Semis in the near future, an electric truck is probably going to make its way at some point.

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