The Lightning Xlt A Better Deal Than The Ford F-150 Lighting Pro?

The new, battery-electric version of the Ford F-150 pickup truck has just begun to hit production, and we just drove a Lightning. How could not you love the Ford F-150 Lightning, which has much of the capabilities and best looks of a standard F-150 truck, but a whole lot of electrical juice.

Is The Lightning Xlt A Better Deal Than The Ford F-150 Lighting Pro?
Is The Lightning Xlt A Better Deal Than The Ford F-150 Lighting Pro?

While The Lightning has an all-electric drivetrain, the electric pickup looks, drives, and feels just like a standard F-150. Typically, trucks with these specs are meant to serve in a fleet role at your local school district or utility, which is what makes this Ford Lightning truck cheapest. Ford has not released official pricing for the $52 but, whatever its MSRP ends up being, thatll get you a truck as ready to go for work as it is to go on a weekend trip.

While this new price is far higher than it was when Ford started taking orders for the 2022 F-150 Lightning, it remains a steal compared with trucks sitting at the next rung up the trim scale. Less than two months ago, Ford Motor announced a $6,000 to $8,500 increase in prices on its F-150 Lightning Electric pickup, depending on the model. The increases apply to both the Pro-level entry-level model targeted to commercial customers, and the no-options-added Consumer-oriented XLT trim, which now starts at $55,974 and $63,474, respectively.

Most will want at least the next-level XLT trim, starting at a little less than $53K before options and destination charges. Pro and XLT are Fords least expensive F-150 Lightning trims, starting at $39,974 and $52,974 respectively (before destination charges and incentives). The least expensive (but work-oriented) Pro models begin at $51,974, while for the rest of us, the Ford F-150 Lightning starts just shy of $60,000.

However, Ford is coming out of the gate with an even cheaper work truck version, called Pro, that may prove to be better value than the updated XLT. It is impossible to know where the additional $15,000 went in the Ford F-150 Lightning, but perhaps it is because Ford designed the Pro as the money-loser, to put lighting sooner in the street. The Pro-oriented and base-level XLT Ford F-150 Lightning Work-Oriented models are said to have sold out by 2022 model year to retail customers, although no Ford F-150 Lightnings have hit U.S. dealerships.

Other versions of the 2022 F-150 Lightning feature a long-range battery pack, which could provide 300-320 miles of range, depending on trim level. Based on Fords estimates for standard-range batteriesusable power, at 98 kWh, charging the Lightning to between 15 to 80 percent (63.7 kWh) will cost about $27.39, adding 149.5 miles of range. Your net cost compared with a base XLT is $10,000, but that includes an 80-amp Ford charging station pro, which will both recharge your truck more quickly than the standard Level 2 charger, and is the pre-requisite to another of the Lightnings neat tricks: serving as a home backup.

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