The Mercedes-Benz Eqb is superior to the Tesla Model Y for these 4 reasons in 2023.

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQB, which was a new car in the 2022 model year, is one of the German luxury brands first efforts at harnessing the e-car (electric vehicle) magic that has propelled Tesla to the front lines in the luxury car market. Mercedes-Benz is moving into the EV space, and one of the German automakers latest offerings for the luxury class is the EQB, a luxurious electric compact SUV.

Mercedes-Benz Eqb is superior

Safety & Driver assistance The Tesla Model Y in 2022. Shoppers can outfit the Mercedes-Benz EQB with an array of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), but it is interesting to note that several are optional rather than standard. Comfort and Usability the 2022 Tesla Model Y The German luxury automaker has lifted the Mercedes-Benz EQBs cabin almost entirely intact from the 250+. While electric cars such as Teslas Model Y and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 are debatable as potential crossover/SUV competitors for the EQB, Mercedes-Benz is adamant that the Mercedes-Benz EVs affordable human-packaging flexibility, along with its rugged SUV styling, makes it a unique offering in the market.

Verdict The EQB is Mercedes response to the Model Y, except that the EQB is much more SUV-like in looks, has its own resulting practicality — that is, seven-seater options, and comes with all of the luxury and comfort that you would expect from a triple-pointed star badge. Teslas Model Y comes with crossover styling, and has the capability of seating five adults comfortably, making it a good daily-drive practical option for those who have families to carry around. The Tesla Model Y is also 150kg lighter, takes two seconds faster to reach 100km/h (6.9sec, as opposed to EQBs claim of 8.9sec), and, while having a smaller battery pack compared to Mercs, beats it on range, by 84km thanks to its WLTP 455km rating.

The EQB is an over-built, luxurious, and middling electric car designed for ICE, whereas Teslas Model Y, for all of its ride/quality flaws, is a relatively agile, range-driving machine. Power-wise, the EQB and Teslas Model Y are two excellent EV SUVs, with one area they are tied in is their comfort and utility. That pricing makes the One, which is neither cheaper nor more well-equipped, than the Tesla Model Y.

On top of that, Teslas top trim of Model Y starts at more than $71,000, also $12,000 more than an EQBs top trim. For reference, the Tesla Model Y will set you back about $19,000 more if you opt for the seven-seat option, and you would still pay less if you opt for the exclusive EQB 350 4MATIC, which starts at $60,350. The key is that the base EQB 300 will come out around $ 49,300, factoring in as much as $7,500 in federal tax credits, making it a steal in the all-electric, seven-seat crossover niche.

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