There are 5 reasons UFC mistook when it chose Henry Cejudo to face Sean O’Malley in title match

Sean O’Malley disproved many of his critics in UFC 280. He defeated Petr Yan through split-decision in a lengthy war, displaying exceptional skill and unexpected resiliency. In terms of the amount of competition that “Sugar” had previously encountered, it was a significant improvement.

Sean O'Malley

One of the top 135-pounders in the world is Petr Yan, a previous champion at the bantamweight weight class. Pedro Munhoz was O’Malley’s prior adversary. Munhoz has never competed at the championship level, despite being a respectable fighter.

Therefore, many analysts predicted that “Sugar” would lose to “No Mercy.” Instead, once he overcame his Russian competitor, a new title contender emerged. After his well-earned victory, O’Malley emerged as a potential rival for Aljamain Sterling’s bantamweight championship.

Unfortunately for “Sugar,” the UFC has decided to match Henry Cejudo with “Funk Master” in the near future, according to famous manager Ali Abdelaziz. Here are five explanations for why Sean O’Malley ought to have received the promotion.

5. More people will pay attention to Sean O’Malley.

Henry Cejudo

There is no denying that Sean O’Malley draws more people to pay-per-view events than Henry Cejudo, even though it can be challenging to make that determination. Additionally, “Sugar” has a much larger social media following than the self-described “King of Cringe.”

On Instagram, the 28-year-old has close to three million followers. Henry Cejudo has 754,000 followers at the moment. On Twitter, where O’Malley has almost twice as many followers as the Olympic gold medalist, the numbers are identical. Additionally, both inside and outside the cage, “Sugar” draws stronger crowd reactions.

He also presents differently from Henry Cejudo. Sean O’Malley describes himself as the Conor McGregor of today. Younger followers are drawn to his showy flair and trash-talking. Although Cejudo also uses trash talk, his attempts are frequently ridiculed by fans and characterised as uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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The flamboyant striker who appears to be a bigger celebrity is the one the UFC should want to see defeat Aljamain Sterling for the bantamweight title.

4. Sean O’Malley was given additional time by the UFC to develop.

Since 2012, Sean O’Malley has competed in the UFC. Despite having held the promotion for a while, he has only recently started to pose a danger to the championship. Henry Cejudo required less time than he did to launch his first-ever title defense—just two years. The UFC has handled O’Malley’s career with extreme caution.

Sean O’Malley, a star of the UFC, just had stem cells inserted into his wiener

Since his promotional debut against Terrion Ware, “Sugar” has progressed through the division in a methodical manner. Despite spending five years in the UFC, the rising star has yet to wrestle a respectable wrestler. He also took pleasure in a lengthy run against ostensibly weaker opposition.

In his tenth fight with the organisation, he also faced his first top ten opponent. The UFC made significant efforts to develop him into a productive fighter with a mainly undefeated record. The UFC should make a profit now that Sean O’Malley has shown his mettle against a former champion.

The promotion ought to have done this by scheduling “Sugar” for the title fight against Aljamain Sterling before Henry Cejudo. After all, if he wasn’t going to win the title, what was the sense of methodically planning his career?

3. Henry Cejudo may emulate Georges St. Pierre.

Henry Cejudo’s ambition to make a comeback has raised a number of concerns for UFC management, one of which is whether he can be trusted. Cejudo faced Dominick Cruz in a championship defence for the bantamweight division two years ago. The gold medalist’s abrupt exit from competition tarnished what was otherwise a good performance.
Cejudo declared his retirement in a move that many now see was the former champion attempting to use his position as the titleholder as leverage. The negotiation strategy was a resounding failure. The Olympian’s requests haven’t been met by the UFC two years later.
If ‘The King of Cringe’ beats Aljamain Sterling, there is a real concern that he might follow in Georges St-footsteps. Pierre’s

2. Second, Sean O’Malley still has more to offer.

Sean O’Malley’s development has received significant funding from the UFC. Henry Cejudo, on the other hand, is not a rising star who can lead the UFC’s upcoming crop of pay-per-view stars. Instead, the 35-year-old legend is the Olympic gold medallist.

If he defeats Aljamain Sterling in a title battle, it’s almost certain that he won’t compete more than twice or three times. Alternatively, “Sugar” is the UFC’s long-term strategy. He is a top athlete at the age of 28. He has a number of strong years of excellent performances to offer the UFC.

The King of Cringe will turn 36 in another year. ‘Sugar’ might yet be rebuilt for a second title run if he is unable to win the bantamweight gold. Alternatively, regardless of whether he wins the title, he can establish himself as the most attractive draw in his division.

Henry Cejudo, though, is just coming back for the sake of his legacy. He wants to get the 135-pound title back so he can use it as a launching pad for his quest for the featherweight crown. Once his objectives are met, he has no further motivation to stay.

1. Sean O’Malley can be the cornerstone of the future age.

There is currently no successor to Conor McGregor who can lead the UFC into the next age. Regardless, the UFC pays close attention to athletes who have the potential to bring large pay-per-view crowds. For instance, Jorge Masvidal received a second title bout against Kamaru Usman despite just suffering a defeat.

It is impossible to overstate the value of dependable stars in the promotion. Nate Diaz was one of the UFC’s top stars despite having recently lost more matches than he had triumphed in. He was employed to support pay-per-view events that were lacking exciting co-main events or headline acts.

Sean O’Malley is in a comparable circumstance. ‘Sugar’ is a potential superstar who Dana White can build the UFC around as the next dependable PPV attraction, along with Henry Cejudo. The torch will need to be carried by someone. Few young boxers, like Paddy Pimblett, appear to have what it takes to become superstars.

Age 38 is Jorge Masvidal. Colby Covington, who will turn 35 the next year, doesn’t fight often. One of the few individuals that can lead the transition to the next phase of UFC pay-per-view matches is Sean O’Malley.

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