Michael Jordan claimed that Stephen Curry (34) modelled his leadership style after him

Stephen Curry is regarded as the most modest NBA player of all time With good reason.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry vs Michael Jordan

The focal point of a prosperous franchise will frequently need extra consideration. The Warriors man, however, has consistently requested to simply be one of the guys.

Additionally, he has a reputation for having a very relaxed but effective leadership style. The dude obviously also understands when to turn up the volume.

Now, there wouldn’t be a similarity between this leadership style and Michael Jordan’s, would there?

Apparently not, then.

A recent edition of “The Old Man and the Three” included Stephen Curry and JJ Redick. He then opened up about how Michael Jordan helped shape his leadership approach.

Michael Jordan

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If it brought out the best in his teammates, Michael Jordan was not afraid to be a little tough with them. And although that is fantastic in theory, there will inevitably be some resentment involved.

Michael Jordan just responded when he was questioned about it by noting that he would never ask a teammate to accomplish something that he himself couldn’t do. And from what Stephen Curry says in the YouTube video below, it seems like he can’t help but concur.

To be honest, this makes a lot of sense, especially in light of Stephen Curry’s inclusive nature.

Does this one resemblance, however, imply that Michael Jordan was a good teammate while playing for the Bulls?

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It was said about Michael Jordan that he was “a hell of a teammate.”
There may have been just one thing that Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry’s leadership style shared in common. The man, on the whole, couldn’t have been more different. The biggest distinction in this case is that he stretched his comrades to the maximum.

Of course, having to endure that kind of punishment every day is difficult. What were his previous teammates’ opinions of him at the time, and how do they feel about it now?

Some people might not have liked Michael Jordan. But boy, could he lead the proper people to success when they followed him.

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