How Much Is Insurance On A 2022 Tesla Model X?

The cost of car insurance for a Tesla can vary greatly depending on which model and trim level you select,

along with other factors typically considered in car insurance rates.

While Tesla insurance is offered by nearly all major car insurance companies,

 a carrier can also classify your Tesla model as an exotic or luxury car, and rate its luxury vehicle insurance rates accordingly.

 The value of each Tesla Insurance policy will vary depending on the individual,

 including their driving record and other factors which typically affect an individuals insurance rates.

The average car insurance costs for a Tesla Model S are $2,280 annually, or $190 a month overall, or $2,946 annually, $246 a month, for a Tesla Auto Insurance.

Based on our data, Progressive, for example, is the lowest-cost auto insurance company for Tesla Model 3 drivers, with a $2,309 annual average.

That is why we compared auto insurance policies against each other,

 in order to see how much you could save, and to find cheap auto insurance on the Tesla Model X EV.

 so make sure you shop around and compare car insurance rates for the Tesla Model X from top companies using our free online tool.

The Tesla that put the brand on the map was the Model S.

This luxury, full-size sedan starts at the long-range model, which costs $3,673 a year in insurance, on average.