A Tesla Cybertruck body has been seen before production starts.

Prior to the impending start of production for electric pickup trucks in Texas, a prototype Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted at work.

Giga Press For The Production Of Electric Pickups In Texas, an electric pickup is already being produced.

and calibration work might be done with a Tesla Cybertruck body.

With the anticipated Cybertruck deliveries beginning in approximately a year, these pictures seem to validate the committed team.

Prior to the start of production, Tesla is diligently finishing the last-minute alignments for the trucks' sensors and cameras.

Over the past year, an update on The Cybertruck with its final details and cost was anticipated.

However, Tesla has chosen to keep quiet thus far about the electric truck despite some delays.

Recently, the business claimed to have a few Alpha versions for Tesla Cybertrucks.

which, according to sources, will soon enter the Beta phase before entering into production next year.

In its Q3-2022 earnings call, Tesla essentially confirmed the closure, citing

that Giga Texas is on schedule to start manufacturing the Cybertruck by mid-2023.