Are Regenerative Brakes Available on the Tesla Model X?

Regenerative braking, which is used in battery-electric cars like Tesla's Model 3, transforms the kinetic energy of the car into chemical energy.

It can then be utilised to charge the batteries inside the car.

When an electric car brakes, the motors transform kinetic energy into electrical power to recharge the battery pack.

The distinguishing feature of electric cars is their ability to slow down the vehicle.

Regenerative braking, sometimes known as regen, is a neat technology that allows the driver to let off the accelerator.

And to help slow down the car, the Tesla's motor spins reverse.

I recently received my Model Y, and I noticed that, for some reason, all new Teslas no longer have the option of regenerative braking.

A menu option for adjusting the intensity of regenerative braking on newer vehicles has apparently been removed by Tesla in yet another mysterious decision.

The salesperson stated that, regrettably, a software upgrade released by Tesla in October 2020 disabled the ability to turn off regenerative braking.

playfully speculating that drivers were adjusting to their new driving experiences.