Are there any passenger seats in the Tesla semi-truck?

According to a recent patent, Tesla specifically built a semi-truck seat suspension for the large middle seat of the Tesla Semi.

Although the Tesla Semi's driver cannot see the tips of the vehicle from his or her seat

 it is still far superior to the majority of semi trucks that are frequently  seen on American highways.

 Additionally, Tesla thinks that placing the driver's seat in the middle of its Semi will make it safer in the event of an accident.

A point Tesla has made about its automobiles in comparison to  rivals driven by internal combustion engines  is that

 the design affords Tesla's Semi trucks a lower  center of gravity than those powered by  diesel engines.

Instead of attempting to cram the electric  drivetrain into  the existing  architecture of the  semi truck

 Elon Musk told his team to construct the Tesla Semi from the ground up.

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