Are There Special Tires For Tesla?

Pirelli tires for the Tesla are the ultimate blend of technology and innovation,

made from a specific tread compound to handle all types of weather conditions with no issues.

Tesla tires are made of much better quality than conventional tires, meaning that they are better at performing on the road, too.

Teslas tires are not always made specifically for its vehicles,

but Tesla makes sure it selects tires that are capable of handling the unique challenges that come with being an EV.

Because Tesla chooses only high-end versions of stock tires, then modifies them to the companys standards here and there,

you are generally getting high-quality tires that will provide improved performance on the road over the long haul.

No, standard Model 3 Teslas ship with the Michelin Primacy MXM4, which is a business-grade tire and is available for installation on other vehicles as well.

This means that you can feel safe knowing these tires were specifically selected for Tesla Model S, and are designed to help your Tesla drive to its best.

Tesla vehicles are equipped with tires specifically designed to handle the wear caused from the start-up torque and regen loads better than regular tires.

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