President Biden's extraordinary student loan forgiveness proposal has been rejected by

a federal district court judge in Texas, striking a serious blow to his promise to assist millions of borrowers.

In the most recent case, a conservative nonprofit group sued on behalf of two borrowers and contested the program on the grounds that-

the administration had violated the Administrative Procedures Act (APArequirements )'s for implementing new programs and rules.

These arguments have been refuted by the Biden administration, which claims that the HEROES Act of -

2003 offers justification for passing new emergency regulations without having to adhere to APA processes.

Every other court decision on Biden's student loan forgiveness plan so far has been different from the one made by the U.S. District Court judge in Fort Worth, Texas.

In those earlier rulings, the question of whether the party who brought the action actually has the right to sue was at issue.

A party must show a concrete injury that is sufficiently related to the contested program in order to establish standing.

But in the most recent ruling, Trump appointment Judge Mark T. Pittman invalidated the program on the basis of its legality.

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