Can A Mustang Mach-E Be Charged At A  Tesla Station?

Due to adaptation, you cannot use the same charger to charge a Ford Mustang Mach-E or Hyundai Ioniq 5 and a Tesla Model 3.

Connect the cords from a Ford Connected Charging Station to the charging ports in your car.

In the charging bays at Tesla's Supercharger stations, drivers of other EVs are now permitted to recharge their batteries.

Mach-E wouldn't require Tesla if Ford actually created a fantastic charging device or station for the Ford EV.

For instance, Tesla models may use the company's Supercharger network to charge rapidly whereas other electric vehicles cannot.

In Europe, the combined charger system  (CCS) is the norm, and by installing the Tesla adaptor,

 non-Tesla owners may use the company's Supercharger network in addition to a variety of other charging  alternatives.

After establishing a network in Europe, where Superchargers employ a common CCS socket,

Tesla is now preparing to establish a network in the United States by releasing a new CCS adaptor for owners of electric vehicles made by manufacturers other than Tesla.

The charging station has a socket with the Tesla logo and looks to be a regular Supercharger station (so there is no Mach-E-compatible CCS1 plug).