Can a Tesla be driven in the mountains?

You need a car you can trust if you enjoy getting out of town and going on pleasant mountain adventures.

The fact that a Tesla Supercharger station is barely 60 miles from Everest is astounding.

Only 60 miles separate North Base Camp on Everest from the closest Tesla Supercharger station.

with a Model 3 Tesla returning a maximum range of 358 miles.

Knowing there were Tesla Superchargers nearby gave us the assurance we needed to make it to our destination without incident.

"It was important for me to start this foundation because it’s rooted With my Model Y, I have experienced just about every scenario you could think of, and I'll tell you how I think it handled each one. caring for others."

Recently, this YouTuber drove his long-range, four-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3 across winding, steep mountain roads in upstate New York and Massachusetts.

so that you can determine whether it has a sufficient range and how well it performs in certain circumstances.

Since that time, Jeremy Johnson has served as Tesla's spokesman, covering all things Tesla-related while also dabbling in other EV startups.