Since consumers cannot yet create and  customize a Cybertruck  on Tesla's website,

Since consumers cannot yet create and  customize a  Cybertruck on Tesla's website,

we will have to stick with a set specification for this vehicle.

Due to features  like freight hauling,  Tesla's Cybertruck is  developing into

 the best choice for contractors and pickup truck owners that utilize their vehicles to the utmost.

Overall, using the trailer as a workaround permits the efficient and flawless operation of both vehicles,

even if a Tesla Cybertruck would not fit exactly within a Tesla Semi's cargo compartment.

A Tesla supporter named Tesla Raj recently described the conditions under which

a Model 3 owner can use an augmented reality smartphone app to see whether a Tesla Cybertruck will fit inside the garage.

Furthermore, given  Tesla's well-known  fit and  finish issues,  there have been  significant  questions about

whether his eagerly anticipated Cybertruck pickup is truly waterproof.

Can a Tesla Semi Container Hold a Tesla Cybertruck? - haymakertavern