Can a Tesla Semi Container Hold a Tesla Cybertruck?

We will have to go with a standard specification for this car since Tesla's website does

not presently allow users to construct and personalize a Cybertruck.

Tesla's Cybertruck is evolving into the ideal option for contractors and pickup truck owners who

use their vehicles to the fullest thanks to capabilities like freight hauling.

Overall, even if a Tesla Cybertruck would not fit perfectly within a Tesla Semi's cargo area

employing the trailer as a workaround enables the seamless and effective operation of both vehicles.

In a recent video, Tesla Raj, a Tesla devotee, outlined the requirements in

which a Model 3 owner utilizes an augmented reality smartphone software to

determine whether a Tesla Cybertruck will fit within the car garage.

Additionally, we received major concerns about whether his eagerly awaited Cybertruck pickup is completely water proof,

especially in light of Tesla's well-known problems with fit and finish.