Can Bad Weather Reduce The Functionality Of Tesla Autopilot?

Once rain gets heavy, Autopilot drops its speeds, the system cuts off, returning full control to the driver.

In approximately 25 other crashes, NHTSA said that drivers were using the Autopilot feature of the Tesla in

situations that Tesla said would limit the systems effectiveness, like bad weather.

In May 2016, a Tesla vehicle crashed, killing its driver, when its semi-autonomous vehicle failed to

detect a white semi-truck driving past in front of it. Something that might have been overlooked is that

a lot of the cars safety features, especially Autopilot, require that its cameras get a good look at Teslas surroundings.

Its Autopilot function eliminates the driver having to make sure, so it is able to

monitor vehicles around it, the conditions on the roads, and whatever else may be coming.

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Multiple Blue Rings