Can Ford F-150 Lightning Use Tesla Supercharger?

Early buyers of Fords new Lightning EV pickup, the new Ford F-150 Lightning EV pickup

found their new car came with an unexpected accessory: a Tesla charging adapter.

A member of the F-150 Lightnings new owners online forum shared the picture of the new Tesla accessory.

Ford has been providing an adapter for buyers of the electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck, which allows it to recharge Teslas stuck vehicles.

Included with the Ford F-150 Lightning is a pretty cool accessory Tesla has been helping with.

In addition to a standard charging cable for Fords EV truck, the F-150 Lightning includes a charging adapter to power Teslas and other EVs.

Tesla includes the adapter in every new vehicle they sell, so that they too can be charged from standard charging stations.

Multiple Blue Rings
Multiple Blue Rings