Can Semi-Trucks Be Hydrogen Powered?

Volvo Trucks (not to be confused with Volvo Cars) is already selling commercial truck batteries

but is now trying its hand at a hydrogen fuel-cell car.

With the help of the fuel cells built by CellCentric, a joint venture of Volvo

and the Daimler Trucks Automotive Group, Volvo claims that the hydrogen-fueled semi trucks have

a 1,000-kilometre (about 621-mile) range, and that they can be filled up in less than 15 minutes.

While companies such as Toyota, GM, and Daimler Trucks are still testing hydrogen-powered semi trucks,

Hyundai already has one in production, in the form of its Xcient fuel cell.

Some companies, such as Hyundai, are investing heavily in hydrogen, and are pushing hydrogen trucks into the market.

Hydrogen-powered fuel cells and the tanks they require, while still heavier than a traditional

diesel platform, are lighter than trucks powered by current battery technologies.

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