Can Semi-Trucks Run on Hydrogen?

Volvo Trucks, which should not be confused with Volvo Cars, already sells batteries for commercial trucks

but is currently experimenting with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles.

The hydrogen-fueled semi trucks produced by CellCentric, a joint venture between Volvo

and the Daimler Trucks Automotive Group, are said to have a 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) range

and can be refuelled in less than 15 minutes, according to Volvo.

Hyundai already has a hydrogen-powered semi truck in production in the shape of

its Xcient fuel cell, while businesses like Toyota, GM, and Daimler Trucks are still testing them.

Trucks powered by hydrogen are being pushed into the market by several businesses, like Hyundai.

While still heavier than a conventional diesel platform, trucks driven by hydrogen fuel cells

and the tanks they need are lighter than those using existing battery technologies.

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