Can Tesla's decision to open-source nacs benefit other electric vehicles?

On Friday, Tesla extended a sincere welcome to charging network operators and other automakers to

implement its plug-in specifications, today referred to as the North American Charging Standard (NACS).

To further complicate matters, Tesla has introduced its own plug that may be used by any manufacturer of electric vehicles.

while changing the name of its proprietary plug to NACS, which is an acronym for North American Charging Standard.

Tesla has asked charging network operators and others to participate in the global launch of its electric car charging connector design.

Tesla said on a blog post that automakers would adopt its charging ports and connectors.

While competing charging networks may in some cases adopt the NACS

It is unclear whether Tesla's bigger goal of persuading other EV makers to use their charging system will actually be successful.

It would cause problems with the lengthy lifecycle of CCS connectors.

If Tesla does not quickly launch its US supercharger network to accommodate the launch of Aptera,

In the interim, car charging in CCS stations may require the use of adapters.

If Tesla can get even one automaker to follow its guidelines, as Electrek points out

It will enable Tesla to get federal funding to increase the number of Superchargers in its extensive network.