Can the Chevy Silverado be wirelessly charged?

Chevy Silverado Wireless Charging stops working because charging pads malfunction

 you are using an incompatible device, or you are getting tangled up with your phone covers, metal gear, or navigation systems.

 Apple iPhone models before iPhone 8 require wireless charging accessories, and Chevy recommends AirCharge series for

 Apple iPhone Wireless Charging cases, which allow those devices to work with Qi chargers.

The built-in wireless charger on the Cadillac is the Gen 1 wireless charging module.

It will charge most smartphones which support the QI wireless charging protocol, and it works on Android and iOS.

 Opting for the high-end model, the High Country brings in a Bose seven-speaker audio system, wireless charging,

 and a remote control that can interface with home security systems and other services from within the 2023 Chevy Silverado.