Can the performance of Tesla's Autopilot be impacted by inclement weather?

Heavy rain causes Autopilot to slow down, turn off, and let the driver take full control again.

About 25 additional incidents, according to NHTSA, were drivers who were reportedly using

the Tesla Autopilot function in circumstances that, according to Tesla, would limit the system's effectiveness, such bad weather.

In May 2016, a white semi-truck crossed in front of a Tesla automobile without being detected by

the semi-autonomous vehicle, resulting in an accident that claimed the life of the driver.

Many of the vehicle's safety features, including Autopilot, rely on the cameras' unobstructed views of

the environment around the Tesla to function properly. Its Autopilot mode relieves the driver of

the need to be certain by letting it to monitor its surroundings, the weather, and any possible dangers.

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Multiple Blue Rings