Can The Tesla Cybertruck Pull An Rv?

Elon Musk confirmed Tesla Cybertruck owners would be able to charge their electric pickup trucks to a camper.

Known for its all-electric Tesla cars like Tesla Model 3 and Model X

Tesla is set to soon launch a truck the company is calling Cybertruck.

Tesla has yet to publish specifications as to whether or not Teslas Cybertruck will offer a fifth-wheel-towing hitch as either a standard or upgraded option

but the truck does have the capability to haul a weight that is equivalent to standard fifth-wheel-trailers.

At the unveiling of the No-Crump electric truck, Musk said that the 6.5-foot-long bed would be capable of carrying 3500 pounds

while at top trim, the Cybertruck would haul up to 14,000. With its 14,000-plus-pound towing capability

and its near-unlimited ability to haul mass, Tesla trucks will be capable in virtually every harsh environment.

An electric vehicles towing capability refers to a trucks bed and cargo area weight limit

or the maximum weight that the hauling vehicle can hold in its cargo area and beds, beyond the trucks empty weight.

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