Can the Tesla Model X rival the SUVs from BMW and Mercedes?

In this latest comparison, CarWow has picked a BMW X7 M50i and Mercedes GLS to take on the Model X.

 Going for it is what this latest Drag Race by carwow is all about, pitting a BMW iX.

 an Audi E-Tron Sportback, and a Mercedes EQC against The Tesla Model X.

If we are looking at German gasoline-powered luxury SUVs, there are few offering space and performance that can compete with the Model X.

There are plenty of excellent EVs, but at its potent specs and starting price of $102,310, Tesla is The Tesla Model X.

Mercedes-Benz really does look at Teslas Model X and the BMW ix xDrive50i as its primary competitors for this vehicle.

Once Mercedes-Benzs SUV, the EQS, hits the ground running, it will be competing against the likes of Teslas Model X and the BMW iX.

In terms of overall build quality (both interior and exterior) and comfort, particularly when moving.

Teslas dual-motor Model X is no match for a Mercedes GLS 400D or a BMW X7 M50i