Can Volkswagen Beat Tesla In EV Chase ?

Volkswagen appears to lag more behind with each new model, whereas

Tesla has been primarily focused on enhancing build quality and production times.

VW has recently come under fire for cost-cutting methods that are plain to see in recent releases.

The group appears to be further hampered, though, by the unions' refusal to change.

In that one area, Tesla does not hold back and outperforms established firms like VW.

Comparing Tesla to Volkswagen, on the other hand, is challenging.

Volkswagen has been in business for a lot longer than Tesla, despite the latter's rapid rise to prominence.

With that come a lot more workers and ingrained customs that could impede quick change.

It is unlikely that Volkswagen will see major success until it can turn things around and produce a higher-quality product.

Additionally, if the unions oppose the necessary modification to boost production,

Volkswagen may experience a worsening of the situation before it gets better.