Can You Charge A Ford Lightning At A Tesla Station?

Ford provides the cable, which connects to the F-150s lightning bolt,

which charges any EV that has the J1772 plug, the standard plug for EVs in North America.

Included in the F-150 Lightning from Ford is a pretty cool accessory, courtesy of Tesla.

The Tesla charging adapter is likely not going to be a permanent addition, but is a handy item to have on the back of a Ford F-150 Lightning.

The picture above shows the Ford F-150 Lightning is capable of charging other electric vehicles, like the Mustang Mach-E.

As we reported, the Lightning is capable of charging a Tesla as well, although the proper adapter will need to be used.

Can the Lightning Charge Other EVs?Tesla is now allowing drivers of other electric cars to recharge their batteries at Teslas Supercharger stations. Instead,

adapters mean that Tesla drivers can charge their cars by connecting them to an F-150 Lightning.