Can You Charge A Mustang Mach-E At A Tesla Station?

Adaptation means that you cannot charge a Tesla Model 3 and your partners Ford Mustang Mach-E or Hyundai Ioniq 5 using the same charger.

Plug a set of wires from a Ford Connected Charging Station to your vehicles charging ports.

Tesla now allows drivers of other EVs to recharge their batteries in the charging bays at Teslas Supercharger stations.

If Ford really does build an awesome charging station or charging unit for the Ford EV, Mach-E would not need Tesla.

Tesla models, for instance, can charge quickly using the companys Supercharger network,

which is incompatible with electric cars from other companies. The combined charger system (CCS) is standard throughout Europe,

and adding the Tesla adapter gives Tesla owners access to multiple charging options, along with giving non-Tesla owners access to its Supercharger network.

After opening up a network in Europe, where Superchargers use a standard CCS plug,

Tesla is now readying the U.S. to open up a network, by rolling out a new CCS adapter for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners.

The charging station appears to be the standard Supercharger station, using a Tesla-branded plug (so there is no Mach-E-compatible CCS1 plug).

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