Can You Drive A Tesla In  The Mountains?

If you like to get out of town and have a nice adventure in the mountains, then you  want to have a  vehicle you can rely on.

What is impressive is the  fact that a Tesla Supercharger station is located only 60 miles away from Everest.

The drive from North Base Camp in Everest to the nearest Tesla Supercharger station is only 60 miles,

with a Model 3 Tesla returning up to 358 miles of range.

 Knowing the Tesla Supercharger network was here gave us  confidence that we could complete this journey  without any doubt.

I have been through just about every situation you could imagine  with my Model Y, and I will tell you how I feel the car handles all of them.

This YouTuber recently took his long-range, four-wheel-drive Tesla Model 3 to curvy, steep mountain  roads across  Massachusetts  and upstate New York,

 in order to give you an idea how well it holds up under those conditions,  and if it has enough range.

 Since then, Jeremy Johnson has been the bull of Tesla, covering everything Tesla related that he can find, as well as dipping into other EV companies.