Can You Watch Netflix While Driving A Tesla Model X?

Under its list of premium connectivity features, Tesla explained the second-row screens are capable of video streaming.

The mode for streaming video is called Tesla Theatre, according to Kelley Blue Book, and only works while the vehicle is in Park.

Software version 10.0 includes a feature called Tesla Theatre, which allows the larger display screen to show Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu videos.

We are now learning more about available features for the second screen thanks to an update on the Tesla site.

While an upcoming update means that Netflix and YouTube can be streamed to the massive, touch-screen display in

the Teslas dashboard, there is going to be safety features in place to make sure that the company is not causing disaster.

The cars central touchscreen will ask drivers to opt-in to the dashboard camera setup,

which stores videos locally rather than sending them to Tesla.

We can confirm it is possible to circumvent the alert, as a driver is able to

play Sky Force Reloaded (Tesla Model 3, Software Version 2021.36.8) without any issues while the car is in Drive mode.

Tesla confirmed it would disable the passenger play feature,

which allows for playing video games on the middle screen of their vehicles when driving.

Teslas would connect directly to the Internet at all times, meaning that you would not even need a cellphone on hand to do any of

what Mike Sues mentioned, something that cannot be done using Apple Car Play or Android Auto.