entertaining to watch this dancing Tesla bot, It's awkward yet

If you haven't heard about the new Tesla Bot since its introduction at this year's Tesla AI Day, 

you've undoubtedly seen the uncomfortable and humorous video that made it famous online.

The most recent Tesla AI technology is seen as being more amusing.

than what we've grown accustomed to from science fiction films that portray humanoid robots as unstable and deadly.

The most cutting-edge technology being developed by Tesla is called Tesla Bot.

The Tesla Bot is just a life-sized version of the typical bipedal humanoid robot we've seen in science fiction films for years.

The Bot's function is to carry out monotonous, repetitive duties so that humans may focus on the more crucial ones at hand.

The robot weighs around 130 lbs and is 5' 8" tall. At this year's Tesla AI Day,.

the announcement itself came as a bit of a surprise

The Tesla Bot blends in nicely with the unusual and cutting-edge products that the ground-breaking business offers.

Actually, the Tesla Bot was merely a guy performing an awkward dance while disguised as a robot.

it won't involve someone dancing while disguised as a robot.